Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is the wind changing?

"In the first two years of this report, we sensed the news media in America trapped by the twin phenomena of changing technology and economic success. The former created the need for the news media to change fundamentally. The latter bred conservatism and aversion to risk. The role of the press was changing, yet the companies that controlled the media, insulated by high profits, seemed neither to fully understand nor ready act boldly. The problems on the horizon seemed to lead to marginal tinkering, not long-term strategizing. Heading into 2006, we see a change. The problems of the news media have worsened, and with that we get a stronger sense than in earlier years that the news industry is beginning to move into the next era—especially to the Internet."
- State of the News Media 2006 - by The Project for Excellence in Journalism

Friday, March 10, 2006

Media as a 'cloud seeder'

Reuters boss Tom Glocer calls it a 'Gutenbergian transformation'. Whatever it is, this global media executive caused a stir when he told an online publishers association conference in London what the 'old media' needs to do to reinvent itself in the digital age:

"I believe that the role that “old” media companies have in the truly 'new' media age, is that of content facilitator or seeder of clouds, tool provider and editor. We are the go-between – providing the structure and support - the connective tissue between the information supplier and the consumer, even if they are often today the same person!"

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